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Our reliable and secure digital signage and digital menu board solutions are built using Scala, the world’s leading enterprise-level digital signage software platform. Our full-service solutions will help you create, distribute, and manage content so you can reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

In addition to digital signage network design and consulting, equipment procurement and installation, training and ongoing operational support services, Hammond also provides creative content development, hardware and software system setup and configuration, as well as custom data integration services. We are a professional, full-service digital signage provider.


Our reliable and secure digital signage and digital menu board solutions are built using Scala, the world’s leading enterprise-level digital signage software platform.

Our Scala-certified technicians have extensive experience in developing, implementing, and maintaining small to large scale digital signage networks.

With Scala, we offer our customers the same scalable digital signage platform used to drive content on over 500,000 screens in over 100 countries.



Hammond Communications Group is a responsive and highly-regarded, privately-owned company that has provided outstanding customer service and solutions to our customers for more than 35 years. Hammond’s professional staff is second to none when it comes to meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations.

Hammond’s digital signage team has deployed over 200 digital signage projects nationally across numerous industries and environments including corporate, manufacturing, QSR, food service, healthcare, education, retail, equine, government, live event, and entertainment.

Our processes and custom solutions can increase sales, support consistent and compelling branding, support your business objectives, and provide an improved overall audience experience.


Many of our customers have improved their digital signage solution’s ROI by integrating existing data as part of their overall digital signage content strategy.

  • Integrated COSI’s Outbound ticketing data to display real-time show times and ticket inventory.
  • Integrated Krystal’s NCR Aloha and Lighthouse POS to display real-time digital menu board pricing.
  • Integrated LEDVANCE’s SAP ERP data for real-time display of Production Goals vs. Actual at each production line.
  • Integrated Jessamine County Public Library’s Evanced event calendar to display real-time meeting room schedules.
  • Integrated Flavor First’s Famous Software ERP data into production line information displays.
  • Integrated Christiana Care Health System’s 21-day cafeteria menu data into individual food station digital menu boards.

Review a few case studies highlighting our custom data integration services.


We have thousands of satisfied clients across many industries.

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Sports and Entertainment
Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR)



Create a Connected Organization

Quickly share real-time information throughout your company using digital displays installed in different locations. From welcoming guests in the lobby, to better communicating with employees in break rooms, common areas, or the factory floor…digital signage allows you to connect employees, management, visitors, and even the outside world by displaying your real-time data, such as business metrics, production results, news, financial reports, emergency alerts, and more.

Design Once, Deliver Anywhere

Communicating with multiple audiences via multiple mediums each day requires a centralized tool that’s easy to use, flexible enough to fit your specific needs, and scalable enough to grow with your needs. Our content management workflows make it easy for approved users to share and display media with only their department or across the entire organization. Whether you maintain a small network of 15 to 30 media players or a larger network consisting of hundreds of locations, our platform is designed for expansion.

Save Costs and Meet Business Objectives

Reduce operational costs, drive sales, and improve efficiency with digital signage. Our easy-to-operate and easy-to-update platform ensures that accurate information is conveyed to your employees and customers at all times. Allow Hammond to integrate your third party data into your digital signage solution so your employees can focus on their normal day-to-day tasks, rather than updating and maintaining content. Our data integration solutions also ensure your customers are receiving accurate, up-to-date information at any location.

Improve Employee and Customer Experiences

Make an impact on your customers and employees with digital signage. Digital signage can be both informing and entertaining. Display relevant organizational information and real-time notifications, deploy innovative shopping solutions using interactive touch screens, integrate live news feeds and local weather, present images, videos, and custom templated messages…and even implement wayfinding kiosks so your customers can quickly find their destination. If you can think of it, Hammond can develop it.


Absolutely, use me as a reference. Hammond’s service has been impeccable.

Paul Onuskanich
Project Manager, Kroger Technology Management
Digital Menu Board Project

You guys got done in two weeks what those other guys couldn’t in two months. And yours works!

Jimmy Biddle
Director, Restaurant Information Systems
The Krystal Company
Interactive, exterior digital menu board project

First, my compliments on an outstanding result. It looks exactly as planned and the content is impactful. Thank you for your careful work!

Bill Giles
Yonder Interactivists
Shaker Village Video Wall Project

No comparison, not even in the same neighborhood. Hammond’s solution is far better, especially managing the content; it’s so easy.

Kim Hertzog
Advertising / PR Manager
Turkey Hill Minit Markets
C-Store Digital Menu Board Project

I am writing today to share with you how very pleased I am with the Scala digital signage that Hammond deployed for our museum. Hammond did an excellent job designing our signage, asking the right questions, and providing a great solution. The XML stream works flawlessly. I know your product is designed well because I use it every week and there is absolutely nothing I would change. It’s so versatile and easy to use.

Mitch Lumen
Director of Science Experiences
Evansville Museum of Arts, History & Science

If there is an opportunity for me to praise your company, or if you need me to put in a good word for your work, don’t hesitate to ask.

Bill Schmitt
Communications Manager
Christiana Care Health System
External Affairs digital signage network





QSR: Menu Board / POS Pricing Integration

The Krystal Company required a unified digital signage solution. Integrating with NCR’s Lighthouse POS as well as the Aloha POS, Hammond delivered a flexible menu board and appetite appeals digital signage solution. We provided a variety of services including customized programming, which integrated the POS data with the Scala content management system. In addition to POS integration, the solution utilizes The Scala Platform’s powerful Metadata and Conditions feature allowing the easy scheduling and delivery of content to the different pricing tiers throughout the network. Each menu board features three 46″ LCDs and one, high performance media player.




Manufacturing: Real-Time Production Line Reports

OSI selected Hammond to provide a corporate, internal communications digital signage solution. Hammond designed the system to include a “report” zone for displaying up-to-date production data relative to each of their many production lines. Multiple, internal OSI database platforms export data into XML files containing information for each line. Scala scripts pull the data from the XML files, format the information and then display the data in real-time, on the proper production line display.




Museum: Reservation & Ticketing Software Integration

COSI was looking for a comprehensive digital signage / content management solution, including the integration of their existing theater and show ticketing system data. Hammond developed a custom Scala-based solution that reads in data from COSI’s on-premises Outbound reservation and ticketing software and displays it on-screen. The data includes show titles, show times, ticket prices, ticket inventory, show descriptions, and images. COSI uses Scala Designer to modify the Scala script with custom backgrounds, fonts and colors for specific shows and activities, and Hammond’s code does the rest, keeping the dynamic content up-to-date on-screen. Since the data is displayed in real-time, appropriate messages are shown on-screen if shows are sold out or are the last showing of the day.




Healthcare: Cafeteria Station Menu Boards

Building on the success of their initial External Communications department’s digital signage system, CCHS wanted to expand the network to include their Wilmington, DE cafeterias. CCHS’s existing process required Hammond to integrate a unique 21-day repeating menu schedule, accessible on individual food stations and master menu board units. Hammond’s solution expanded the Scala digital signage software to include a password protected backend ASP.NET menu management application.

The menu management application stores the data in a MS SQL Server database and is then made available as JSON through a Web API to scripts running in Scala that pull the data into the digital menu boards in relal-time. This makes the management of the menu boards an extremely easy, transparent and automated process for CCHS personnel. The solution automates the daily menu schedule changes.




Manufacturing: Production Line Fulfilled Status

Flavor 1st, a produce packaging and distribution company in North Carolina selected Hammond to implement a digital signage solution to improve the management of their production lines, and leverage the daily order data they maintain in their internal accounting, inventory and management software (aka Famous Software). Data from their Famous platform is is exported to an XML file at regular intervals throughout each day. The data is then transferred to a SQL Server database and exposed in JSON format via a Web API to a rich-client AngularJS application running in a browser at each production line. Each production line has a small form factor PC driving a 55″ display in portrait mode, allowing line workers to see the food items to be packed on pallets for the day sorted by scheduled loading time and grouped by customer.

In addition, the application tracks when order quantities change and highlights them on screen so workers are aware of the changes. Each line manager also uses an existing PC or tablet to access an administrative view of the application that allows them to manage the production run of the food items and track pallets as orders are fulfilled by the line workers. Using ASP.NET SignalR, a real-time, two-way communication link exists between all devices connected to the application, allowing for a responsive and virtually delay-free user experience.




Library: Meeting Room Schedule

In addition to a 3×3 video wall and multiple digital signage LCD units installed throughout the newly renovated Jessamine County Public Library, Hammond also delivered eight Android all-in-one media players mounted outside the door of each meeting room, which are controlled by their new Scala Digital Signage system. In addition to the date and time, each screen displays that room’s schedule for the current day. The displays are updated in real-time, and as events occur throughout each day, they are automatically removed from the displays based on their end time, which keeps the schedule “clutter-free.”

The room schedule is implemented as a custom, Hammond-developed Scala HTML widget built with AngularJS that includes the room name, date/time, and a list of today’s events for that room. The same widget, based on the same code is leveraged and used for each room and utilizes Scala MetaData to determine the room number, which allows JCPL to control the room name and the events shown at each room, especially in cases where multiple adjacent rooms are combined for larger events.

Hammond installed 55” LCDs near the main entrance ways of the library which display the JCPL logo, date/time and temperature, and list that day’s programs.